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Greetings Friends and Athletes,

As many of you know, for the last couple of years I have been working with a small team of running enthusiasts on a project that addresses all the fundamental needs for the runner.  It came about as a result of the NY Times best seller, Born to Run by Chris McDougal.  Featured in the book is running coach Eric Orton who was instrumental in preparing the author for his epic 50 mile race in the Copper Canyon of Mexico.

Eric’s philosophy is that the best runners are the best athletes. As a triathlon coach I would agree.  Run performance is based on more than just logging training miles; proper run technique, functional strength and nutrition are all vital to performance.  The end result of such a comprehensive training plan is an all-around athlete who is a natural runner. This is especially important for the triathlete.  It all comes down to the run.

As athletes have discovered the benefits of natural running and shoe companies have rushed to provide them with minimalist shoes, the result has been a lot of unhappy and sometimes injured customers. No company has taken a coach’s perspective and shown runners how to make the transition from a traditional shoe to a shoe that allows the foot to move naturally, the way it was designed to.

Our company, called B2R, as in Born 2 Run, is the only one that provides a comprehensive system of Footwear, Strength Training, and Nutrition.  The B2R system is dedicated to the proposition that with the proper run training and footwear, everyone, regardless of ability, can boost their performance and experience the joy of running. Our approach is natural and holistic, designed to give runners the tools they need to run strong and healthy and to reach and exceed their goals.

I have been coaching triathletes for over two decades. With rare exception they struggle to maintain their running form in the later stages of the race. They also are plagued with countless biomechanical and strength imbalances that comprise their ability to run fast when fatigued.  As an athlete myself, I have experienced first-hand what it feels like to fall apart neuromuscularly on the run.  One reason I am so excited about B2R is because finally there is available a comprehensive training approach that addresses the specific running needs of the triathlete. I have been using this approach in my own training.

As recently as this past March I was not able to run at all due to chronic knee issues. I had resolved myself to knee surgery when I started implementing the B2R foot and core strength program into my training routine. I was able to regain a lot of lost fitness and strength.  Just last month after a 4 year layoff from Ironman racing I competed at the Lake Placid Ironman.  I was able to make up a 10 minute deficit on the marathon to win my age group. Though it was certainly not my fastest marathon, I was able run down the leader larger because I was structurally stronger than in the past.

The B2R program starts with Strength Training, a multi-level system of specific foot, ankle, leg and core exercises that promote strength integrity and better running economy.  The system targets the entire neuromuscular chain from the ankle all the way up the leg to the hip, core and back. B2R strength training is perfect for enhancing the functional strength of the triathlete or runner. Using balance poles, a B2R-designed slant board and a training DVD, you’ll gain a serious performance advantage, no matter what your level. For the past two years I have been assigning similar core and foot exercises to all my athletes and am very excited to be able to offer these training tools to them now.

The first of several shoe models is currently available: the B2R Performance Road Shoe. To create it Eric Orton lead the team through countless prototypes and testing sessions and the final result is like nothing else out there. At 6.9 ounces with a functional split-toe design and a 0mm drop from heel to toe, it’s perfect for minimalist-shoe runners, as well as those making the transition.  I’ve been training in the B2R Performance Shoe and I can tell you this shoe will renew your love of running.

I think you will love our shoes; they are super comfortable. These shoes are extremely light, very kinesthetically pleasing, and not like anything you've run in before. I love the way they feel on my feet but you need very strong feet and adequate time to transition from your previous shoe to the B2R’s. The transition program (from your conventional shoe to the B2R's) that comes free with the shoes is imperative to follow.

If you are serious about becoming a stronger, less injury-prone runner, I suggest you purchase the Level 1 Strengthening Program. We believe on a bottom up approach where the feet are the foundation for the run. If your feet are structurally strong and your form is correct, you will be more able to maintain that same positive integrity up the entire leg to the core. I have found this to be true from my own experience. The Level 1 Strengthening Program will help you do just this. It is very challenging but completely achievable. You will develop all the muscles in your feet, ankle and legs. Weak and unstable muscles will be strengthened and your functional strength will improve. Because you have to maintain a running- like position while balancing on an unstable platform, your muscles are continually firing. Any muscle weakness or imbalance is immediately identified and therefore activated during the exercise. YOU CAN'T CHEAT!  Another thing I love is that you can do the slant board exercises anywhere and they take very little time. Literally just 5 minutes. Repetition is key and the more times per day/week you perform the exercises, the quicker you’ll improve and then stronger you'll get.

Our initial shipment of B2R shoes has finally arrived, along with all the Strength Training products and Verde Go natural drink. Before we announce to the general running public, I’m excited to offer a VIP launch to all my TFT Athletes, friends and associates.

If you find the B2R program helpful or know others that you think could benefit from it please forward this info to them.  I would love your first hand feedback on the Level 1 program and the B2R Performance shoes once you try them.

Check out our very unique running products at www.born2run.com.   I hope you’ll be impressed.

Train well and with confidence!

Jeff Cuddeback

3 Time Ironman Age group World record holder



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